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Have you ever wondered where to turn for answers that will help you become a more effective caretaker for your disabled friend or loved one? Maybe you lacked the confidence to ask the right questions in a particular situation, or performed yet another search on the Internet only to be overwhelmed with a lot of poor quality information. is here to help support your needs as a caretaker of a disabled person -- to provide you with the true answers and guidance that you need and deserve, so you can be an effective caretaker. There are advances every day in assistive technology that allows those with disabilities to participate more fully in school and work activities -- from mobility aids such as wheelchairs or scooters to high-tech computers that can help communication. 

Healthy living is always an important topic as well, as it provides a base for all other conversations. It's an unfortunate fact that those with disabilities are at a higher risk for injuries, so safety is always a priority for caregivers. We'll share tips and ideas for staying safe and healthy, both for you and for anyone you are caring for. 

Providing transitional care as individuals are moving from a more structured school and home environment into the workforce can be a challenge. We'll share tools and recommendations that can help transitions of all types be more successful and straightforward. 

Finally, will offer you the support that you need as you care for others. Meeting the needs of an individual with a disability can cause a great deal of stress both to individuals and to your family, and we'll help you find ways to cope while offering a supportive network of allies along your path. 

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Our team is here to help find answers to your tough questions about disability. Whether you are disabled yourself, or you're helping someone who is living with a disability, was created to provide you with the support and understanding needed to approach the challenges that disability brings in a positive light.

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