Job Options Available for Disabled Americans


Fifty years ago, a disability was a serious impediment to finding viable employment, but that is no longer the case. In 1973, a federal law that was designed to protect those who are disabled from discrimination in the workplace received a boost — requiring organizations that receive federal funding to be more proactive about hiring those with physical or mental disabilities. Whether you are assisting a disabled friend or family member with finding gainful employment or looking for ways to support those who are disabled by providing work opportunities, this guide will help you understand the best job options that are available for disabled Americans.

Advancements in Technology

For those with physical disabilities, the recent advances in technology provide a creditable way to work with little or no accommodation needed. More organizations are allowing ways for individuals to work from home, making it easier than ever for those who are in a wheelchair as they are not forced to make the daily trek to the office in order to be a productive member of society. STEM and other tech companies are seeing the value of hiring individuals with a variety of disabilities and continue to work hard to make opportunities available and attractive for this growing demographic.

Financial Services 

Jobs in the financial services industry such as leasing, accounting and auditing are exceptional for individuals with physical disabilities due to the limited requirements for personal interaction and the relatively finite amount of movement required. Financial analysts are also in high demand and the salaries in this field are particularly attractive for all types of job seekers.

Human Resources

Having a disabled individual in the human resources department to support hiring practices or as a management consultant to leadership is another attractive vocation for disabled individuals. Their unique insight into the needs and requirements of others makes individuals with a disability extremely attractive to HR departments of larger organizations. Fortunately, these are the positions that are more likely to be well-paid than those in a smaller company.

Marketing and Research

With nearly 19% of the population in the U.S. considered disabled, marketing and research positions are the ideal location for an individual with a disability as they can help organizations understand how to tailor their offerings and business to fit all target demographics.

Legal Careers

For individuals with limited mental disabilities such as Asperger’s or other forms of autism, legal jobs or other computing jobs that require limited socialization can be an excellent choice. Software engineers are also ideal positions, and this fast-growing field is one of the top jobs for those with or without disabilities.
Helping individuals with a disability find positions that are uniquely suited for their talents can be a challenge, but when you work with organizations that are truly interested in finding a good fit, you’ll likely be surprised at all of the potentials that exist for meaningful work for disabled Americans. When in doubt, check various government websites for more information such as or

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